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[SALES] Gintama + PoT + misc.
primevalsoup wrote in tunasandwiches
Doing year-end cleaning and decided to sell a few stuff! Ahaha.
1. Prices are in USD and exclude shipping costs. I ship from NY, USA.
2. I accept paypal, using the "gift" option.
3. Feel free to request info or other additional pictures!
4. Accepting reasonable offers! I will most probably give discounts if you're buying a bunch of stuff as well. 8)
5. All sales are final.

All items will be shipped after Christmas.


Petit Chara Land Autumn & Winter @ $6 for one, $5 for each additional one. Set picture.
Available: Kagura, Kamui
Reserved: Katsura, Gintoki

Chibitama, @ $6 for one, $5 for each additional one. Set picture
Available: Sacchan, Hijikata, Kagura, Gintoki

Gintoki, Elizabeths cellphone straps @ $5 each OR one free every $30 purchase.

Cellphone Straps @ $3 each OR one free every $20 purchase
Available: Kagura, Sadaharu, Hijikata, Okita, Gintoki


One-Coin Grande Figures @ $12 for one, $11 for each additional one. Set picture.
Available: Chitose, Tokugawa, Shiraishi (Secret), Sengoku, Kin-chan, Ryouma

Shiraishi cellphone strap, $5 OR free for $30 purchase.


Natsuki+Masato and Tokiya+Ren Clear Files @ $5 each OR $9 for both. (Uta no Prince-sama)

Ao no Exorcist/Hyouka (flippable) Jumbo Poster @ $5.
You can see the comparison to a tankoubon on the top left corner, lol.

Feel free to leave comment here or contact me via PM! 8)

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Hey! I'm interested in your Shiraishi, Sengoku, Ryoma, and Kintaro tenipuri coin figures. I'm from NY too and I hope the shipping won't be too bad lol. (unless a meet-up could be possible.)

I'm still waiting to hear back from someone who's interested in Ryoma, but the other three are available. Ah I'm actually a bit more upstate from NYC so I'm afraid I can't do a meetup lol orz sorry!

Total for Sengoku, Shiraishi, Kintaro + shipping would be $37, plus Ryoma would be $48. If you don't mind, I will contact you again by tomorrow to let you know if he'll be up for grabs. :)

No problem. I'll be looking forward to hearing back. Thanks.

(Screened comment)
Thanks! I just sent the payment so I hope you got it! Merry Christmas btw!

Gottit! Please PM me your address so I can send it to you tomorrow 8) Merry Christmas to you too!

I`d be interested in the Petit Chara Land Autumn Gintoki and Zura. How much would shipping to Germany cost?

Hi! Shipping to Germany would be $6.60 by surface mail (7-14 days without insurance) and $7.60 by air mail (3-8 days with insurance), so the total would be either $17.60 shipped by SAL or $18.60 shipped by air mail. :)

Okay, since its only one dollar difference, I`ll be choosing airmail and take the two figures :3 Payment per paypal, how do we exchange adresses and stuff?

(Screened comment)
Okay, but I had to send some money onto my account today, so it will at least be paid by the 31th, and you can take your time and send it after New Year. Is that okay?

Ah okay, take your time! And got your PM :)

My account has money xD So I can send it today but how do I choose a "gift" option? The only options I have are "ebay article, services or others"
(sorry for all the questions OTL)

Ah, yay!! 8)
When you're trying to send money, there's an option to choose "purchase" or "personal" (like this), choose "personal" and there should be "gift" as an option there!
No worries, I know how confusing paypal could be sometimes orz.
Ah by the way we have snow storm warning til tomorrow so if you send the payment today I probably won't be able to post it until Saturday or Monday, is that okay? ;;

Edited at 2012-12-27 01:50 pm (UTC)

I`m sorry, but this option is nowhere to be found on the german paypal-version ;_; I even tried to use the english one but I`m always immediatelly redirected, so I just send it as "Others". I hope thats okay.
And thats fine! I envy you, we don`t have a single snow flake in my area.

Ahh no worries! The option is so that you won't need to pay the fees but all is well, and got the payment! 8)
Alright, I'll let you know when I send it! Aww that's too bad! I hope you'll get some snow soon ;;

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