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[Drabble] 3 Greed Drabbles
primevalsoup wrote in tunasandwiches
Fandom: Kamen Rider OOO
Author: primevalsoup
Disclaimer: I own them in my dreams. Too bad I have to wake up. T_T

Theme #1: Secret Picnics
Pairing: Cazali/Mezul
Rating: G

Mezul stared at the boy in front of her, a fierce look of confusion still hanging on her face. "What did you say we're doing again...?"

"A picnic," Cazali grinned, rolling his body toward the girl, looking into her eyes. "Since Uva and Gamel are farming for cell medals, we can use a break. Be more human, if you may."

Mezul chuckled dryly. "'Be more human', huh... This era sure has changed, so much that we have to adapt to human lives. It's sort of... painful."

"Don't be like that. Just think how great it would be when we have this world in our hands, later." Cazali once rolled again like a cat, this time his head ended up at Mezul's lap. "When that time comes, you can look back and remember about this little 'picnic', and laugh."

"You sure are positive," Mezul smiled, couldn't help to place a hand on Cazali's head, rubbing the silver hair softly, feeling it go through her fingers. It was strangely comfortable.

"Hey, Mezul."

"Hmm?" She replied, hands still stroking his hair carefully.

Cazali looked up to catch her dark eyes. "Scratch me?"

Mezul was surprised, but she couldn't help but let out a soft laugh as her hands reached his ear. He let out a soft sound, which Mezul heard as a purr. As strong and wicked as Cazali seemed to be, he was, after all, just a spoiled brat. And spoiling him once in a while wasn't actually a bad idea.


Theme #2: Shared Milkshake
Pairing: Cazali/Uva
Rating: PG

"Who the hell drank the liquid on this table?! I left for just one second and when I came back it's FRIKKING GONE!" Uva screamed out of his lungs, looking like he was going to blow up any minute. "Gamel! You did it didn't you?! You drank it?!"

"Gamel... Didn't do it..." Gamel said, looking scared to the green Greed. "Gamel... was talking... with Mezul..."

"Gamel didn't do whatever you accused him, Uva. Calm down," Mezul said firmly.

"YOU! IT WAS YOU WASN'T IT?!" Uva turned his head to the grey-haired boy who was reading magazines while grinning.

"It wasn't a 'liquid'. It's called milkshake. Maybe in the future you can actually do a little research first?"

"Why, you-------!!" The next scene was expected, Cazali was having the time of his life while running away from the green Greed, while Gamel was looking at both of them cluelessly and Mezul squared her jaw.

"Got you!" Uva yelled when he caught Cazali's shirt, which only made the boy smirk wider.

"You caught me, congratulations!" he said, turning his body to Uva, looking at him face-to-face with a mischievous smile. Uva was pissed off at that smile.

"Stop that!"

"Stop what?"

"Stop smiling!"

"Or what?" Cazali asked playfully, and before Uva could even think of an answer, he felt a pair of lips touching his right cheek softly. Shocked, Uva let go of the feline Greed. Gamel and Mezul were as surprised.

Cazali grinned. "I got Uva's milkshake and cheek today~" he said perkily and ran outside, with a face full of satisfaction, leaving the three other Greeds standing stunned.

"Mezul... What just happened...?" Gamel asked innocently, blinking his eyes.

Mezul peeked at Uva, who had a thousand expression mixed on his face. "I'm not so sure either, but I think it's best not to talk about it for now. Or ever."


Theme #3: Ego
Pairing: Mezul/Gamel
Rating: G

Mezul held him tight as she stared at his innocent sleeping face. Feeling Gamel's chest slowly go up and down. She smiled.

She knew everyone thought that Gamel was a stupid man (well, monster) that needed Mezul to survive. But they were wrong -- it was the other way around.

Mezul had lost count on how many times Gamel had saved her. Even since the very first day she was born, she remembered having Gamel at her side. She remembered every medals he gave to her that he liked to call as "gifts", she remembered every touch of Gamel's gentle hands on her face whenever she felt down, she remembered every kind words Gamel had said to her, even something as little as a "Are you okay...?"

Gamel made Mezul sure she could never fail. Not just for her sake, but for his.

"Mezul...?" She heard him yawning. "Are you still awake...?"

"It's okay, Gamel. You go to sleep."

"Mezul... has to sleep too... Mezul... has to rest..."

Mezul smiled as she tightened her embrace. "Yes, Gamel. I'll sleep now, thank you." As soon as he heard that, Gamel smiled in satisfaction as he, once again, fell asleep in Mezul's arm.

Maybe it was something the humans called "love". She didn't care what it was called. All she knew, she wanted to always hold his hands, now and forever.

She would never let go of him. Ever.

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Same here, woke up feeling rough but now much readier to start my day after reading these, thank you very much!

Glad to hear that :D Thanks for reading!

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