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[Wallpapers] Suda Masaki
primevalsoup wrote in tunasandwiches
01—07 → Suda Masaki
08 → Sakamoto Youhei (fanart)
09 → Shoutarou/Philip (fanart)



These are all the wallpapers I've made and used since July 2010. Never really had the intention to share them, but since they're practically sitting on my laptop collecting dust now... Yeah. XD

I still have the PSDs except for the first one, so if you want another size or would like to add/remove some texts, please do tell me :)

All are in 1280x800 size. Click to see the wallpapers.




#2 - The kanji reads "Kimi no kubisuji, hora, tsuba o tsuketa" which roughly translates to "At the nape of your neck, look, I've laid my claim". Taken from Ninomiya Kazunari's Gimmick Game lyrics.
#8 - Art by SHIUNN @ pixiv
#9 - Art by 悠月 @ pixiv

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▶ Please don't claim as your own.
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My first Masakin wallies!
Thank you so so much for always sharing your amazing graphics. *hugs + cupcakes*

Aww thanks! I'm not really confident in graphics larger than 100x100, I wasn't sure to share it at first 8D;; I'm glad you like them ♥

These are absolutely awesome. :) Cuteness!

Thank you! Glad you liked them :)

This is just an amazing work.. I'm taking these, thank you for sharing!

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