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[Fic: Renn/Suda] Unexpected.
primevalsoup wrote in tunasandwiches
Title: Unexpected
Author: primevalsoup
Pairing: Kiriyama Renn/Suda Masaki
Rating: PG
Warning: Real-person slash
Summary: Renn's attempt to tease his partner finally backfired.

Disclaimer: If they were mine, they'd be married by now.



"Masaki. Are you free tomorrow? Wanna come over? A friend of mine showed me something I think will interest you."

Suda Masaki was drying his hair with his blue towel when he read a message from his Kamen Rider partner. He reached over and drank half of his third milk tea bottle that day, before he pressed "reply" and began typing.

"Hey! I have a shooting until 2 tomorrow, then I'll be free (^^) Want me to bring something over?"

Renn's reply came fast. "Just bring yourself, that's all I need~"

Suda had to blush at the last remark, replying with "Renn-kun! (>_<)". He swore he could hear Renn's laughing voice right now. If there's anything he loved more than acting, it was teasing his kouhai like that.

The 18-year-old gulped down the last drop of his milk tea before putting the bottle on his desk and heading for bed. He stared at the W casts photograph, hanging neatly on the wall, with him and Renn in the middle, smiling widely. He lied down and tried to remember when was the last time he saw the older man — it should be around a month ago when they had a photo-shoot then had an unplanned sleepover at Renn's apartment, because they finished too late and he missed the last train. Well, it wasn't really a "sleepover", since they ended up not sleeping and played a new-released video game all night (and Suda got scolded by his manager for showing up at the shooting location with obvious eye-bags).

The actor looked at the clock across his bed. It was almost 1 pm, no wonder he felt his eyes could close any time soon. With a small smile, he turned off the lights and curled inside the blanket. He was going to have a nice dream tonight.


Suda Masaki pressed the bell to Kiriyama Renn's apartment, and a familiar song could be heard, as well as Renn's voice shouting "coming!" over the intercom. The younger boy felt strangely nervous, so nervous that he looked at the reflection of himself in the doorknob for the second time, making sure that he looked okay.

"Ah! Masaki! Come in, come in." Weird, Suda felt that Renn sounded like he was trying his best to hold his laughter for some reason, but the short-haired boy shrugged it off anyway. He nodded, then muffled an "excuse me" as he let himself in.

"I brought some cakes, my co-star is having a birthday today and everyone got to take a cake home."

Renn smirked at the statement. "I see."

With an eyebrow raised, Suda finally asked his partner, "What is it, Renn-kun? Maybe it's a good idea to share your amusement, I've noticed that look the second I saw you, y'know."

"Can't fool my partner, can I?" Renn chuckled. "Come. I wanna show you something. Ah, you can put the cake on the table." Like a puppy, Suda nodded and did as he was told, then tailed Renn to his room.

The room was neat, and smelled like a fresh linen just like Suda remembered it. There were pictures of the casts and staffs in every work he's played in — he may not look like it, but Renn treasured the people around him, very much. Suda noticed that the older man recently added a new picture of him and casts and staffs of HanaKimi, which made him felt a heartthrob because Renn looked very happy in it. He shook his head quickly at the thought, surprised. Just what was he thinking?

"See this?" Renn's question startled him, but he quickly regained his cool.

"...It's a laptop."

"No no no, not the laptop," he then pointed at the screen, where a website full of text could be seen. "I meant this."

"The website?" Now he was curious. Renn gave a sign for him to sit down on the chair, as he himself sat down on the bed beside the desk. "What is it... 'Kamen Rider W Fanfictions'? What's a 'fanfiction'?"

"They're stories based on a series... Ah, if you read them, I'm sure you'll understand," Renn answered, again with a smirk. "Click on one, I've especially opened the stories about... Our characters."

"Ah, these 'Hidari Shoutarou x Philip' ones? Okay..." Suda obeyed and clicked on the first link on the page, completely unsuspecting. Renn played with his hands, calming himself down from being too excited to see Suda's reactions.

"Love Keyword, by Yuki. It was a windy afternoon at Fuuto city..." Suda mumbled as he skimmed away, eyebrows furrowed. As soon as he realized what it was, he smiled in satisfaction. "So... Basically these are fanmade stories about W?"

"Bingo!" Renn gave a thumb up. "And they're really interesting. You should read it until the end." Yes, he was impatient.

"Got it. It was a windy afternoon in Fuuto city, another day without a case in Narumi Detective Agency..." Suda talked under his breath, his eyeballs moving to read the each word carefully. Then at one sentence, he narrowed his eyes. "Philip looked at Shoutarou with a slight feeling of jealousy... He unconsciously touched the detective's hand, tipped over and——" he stopped reading at the sentence, as his face got as red as his character in the story he was reading. "R-Renn-kun, what is... But... This is... Why are... But..."

"Yeah, like you said, fanfictions are fanmade stories, and many fanfictions are written for a certain pairing from a series..." Renn couldn't hold his amusement anymore. "In W, we're a pretty popular pairing, y'know."

"A pretty popular pa—" Suda didn't finish his sentence as he covered the lower half of his obviously scarlet face with his right hand, eyes blinking and eyeballs moving randomly across the room.

"Yes, they pair us up, you see — girls seem to like the idea of the two of us being ‘one'," Shoutarou explained playfully. "Like I said, a friend of mine recently told me that, and I regret why I didn't find out about this sooner. Reading these is really fun~"

Suda wasn't really listening, as he was still was in a world of his own. Him, as Philip. Renn, as Shoutarou. Doing... things.

"Oh! By the way, I'm not finished yet~" Renn said mischievously as he reached over the laptop and typed a URL address in another tab. "There are also fanarts — as the name suggests, they're fanmade drawings. And doujinshi, which are fanmade comics. You should see them yourself." And of course, without even giving a chance for his kouhai to protest, he already clicked 'enter'.

Suda was torn between curiosity and embarrassment, and ended up peeking to the laptop screen from behind a pillow he took from Renn's bed. So many pictures. So many blushing pictures. So many blushing pictures of him and Renn — ah, no, Philip and Shoutarou. But still... He paused his thoughts as he saw a shocking image. "What on... Is that a picture of... Us — them," he quickly changed the pronoun, "K... Kissing...?"

"You bet it is," a wide, amused grin was decorating Renn's face. "Isn't it adorable? But, ah..." he turned his head to Suda, who by that time already hid his whole face under the pillow. "You're still far more adorable, partner."

".....!!" Suda shot Renn a surprised look at that last sentence, his heart pounding faster. He knew Renn was only teasing him, but still...

Shoutarou's actor chuckled once again in amusement. Patting the milk tea lover's head and staring at his eyes, he teasingly asked, "Do you want to try doing it?"

A long silence fell upon them as a shocked look appeared on Suda's face when he looked away, and Renn started to wonder if he'd taken the joke too far. Worried, he called out his name, "Masa—"


Renn blinked. "What?"

With all the courage he had left, he turned his head to his senpai, a slight blush glowed on his cheeks as he felt butterflies swarmed freely inside his stomach. He bit his lower lip as he tried to control his breathing. "Yes, I would like to try it. The fanfictions and... stuff."

Renn's heart skipped a beat, surprised at the unexpected answer. He gulped down and started feeling heat rushed to his face as well. "Uh, uhm..." he stammered, trying to come up with a reply where he wouldn't sound like a complete fool. In reality, he was no different than Suda when faced with awkward situations, like now.

He didn't know what to do, and he only stared at the boy, then to the floor, then to the boy, then to the floor, and created an infinite loop. Suda sat there, still looking straight to Renn's eyes, starting to get worried if he had said the wrong answer. He reached over Renn's hand, and the older boy looked up and met his gaze. Renn took his hand, feeling electricity running through his palm as Suda's fingers collided with his. He placed his other hand on Suda's cheek, brushing it lightly, causing the younger boy to blush some more.

Gulping down once again, Renn leaned forward, his right hand holding Suda's tightly. He felt Suda's heavy breath as their faces drew closer, and the slightly taller boy slowly closed his eyes.

Renn was hesitant when their lips almost met, but Suda moved forward and at that moment, his hesitation faded away. He closed his eyelids as the sensation from the touch spread all over him, feeling his partner's soft, moist lips on his, gently kissing back. Renn felt adrenaline running through his body as fast as his heart racing.

It didn't last long, as Suda, embarrassedly, pulled away, red all over his face. Renn sat there, stunned. No word was spoken for the next minute, as both were still trying to digest whatever just happened.

When Suda's cellphone suddenly rang, both felt their hearts jumped from their chests, and the younger boy reached over his pocket, panicked. "H-hello?" he stuttered trying to sound as normal as possible. "Ah... Okay. Yes, I understand. No, no, that's okay. Yes. Yes. Really, it's okay. I'll be there in an hour."

"Work?" Renn asked, as casually as he could.

Standing up from the chair and slowly walking toward the door, Suda answered, "Uhm yeah, my manager just called, he's having a meeting and he said they want my presence."

"I see. Uh... Good luck, then," Renn said, following Suda as he walked to the front door.

"Yeah, um, thanks," Suda replied, still unable to meet Renn's eyes, a sheepish flush was still present on his cheeks.

"So I guess..." the longer haired spoke a bit loudly to cover the awkwardness. "I guess I'll uh, call you l-later? Tonight?"

Suda nodded quickly. "I should be home by 7."

"Okay. Have a, uh, great meeting then," Renn said, and Suda muffled a "thanks" without looking back, then bowed a little before disappearing into the corridor.

Renn heaved a long sigh as he closed the door, his body slid down to the floor, lips forming something between a smile and a a gasp of unbelievability.

Had it really happened, or was it just his imagination?

He pinched his hand. Ouch. It was real.

Renn touched his lips with his fingers, a sense of what just happened still lingering on them. He would be lying if he said he never wished for it to happen but gosh — it was too unexpected. It seemed like half of his brain still refused to believe it, that it was just a sweet dream or another one of his occasional delusions (yes, Renn started having a few after he finished filming the series).

Slapping his cheeks quite hard, he stood up and walked to his room, slowly regaining his cool. It really happened, he thought to himself. It did. It was sudden, but it was real.

By the time he reached his room, Renn was already smiling. Ah, maybe he'd read a couple more of those fanfictions before calling his partner later.


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First, I love you ♥
Second, I like your disclaimer lol

Okay, here I go.

"Just bring yourself, that's all I need~"
That's definitely Renn XDDD

"Reading these is really fun~"
lol Only a person like Renn would think that.

"Shoutarou's actor chuckled once again in amusement. Patting the milk tea lover's head and staring at his eyes, he teasingly asked, "Do you want to try doing it?"
I was like "Yes yes yes I want *A* ~~" Oh and I mean Suda, not me lol /kicked

Renn blinked. "What?" "
I have the same reaction as Ren ;A; ~

Ah.. how could the manager interrupted that wonderful moment agrhhh .____. (Suda should turn off his cell-phone next time lol)

Okay.. finished.
I'm not good at English.. so how can I express all the feelings I have now ?
It's just so..... amazing ? awesome ? fabulous ? X"DDD

As always, I love your fanfic.
I could easily imagine those 2 in reality will be the same like that if this situatuon really happen.
You wrote about them exactly the way I was thinking they would be.
It's so cute. I really like these kind of fic :)

Hope you'll keep continue writting more and more awesome fics.
Thank you for took time to bring us a great fic :D

Again, honestly, I really like it, you're the best !

P/s: I want Renn and Suda read this. lol
And yeah.. since I'm not good at express in English so the comment turned to a mess of feelings lol

You don't know how much I flail when reading your comment. Thank you. I love you too ;w;♥

I love writing characters (people?) like Renn. He's very... fun to write. lol.

And Renn and Suda have this very fluffy feeling, ffff. They're adorable.

I'd write a longer comment but I'm lost for words ;A; I just... love you. Thank you for reading and commenting♥

(If Renn and Suda were to read this, it will turn to some kind of Inception, Renn and Suda reading a fic about Renn and Suda reading a fic about Renn and Suda..... lmao)


Yeah.. Because Renn is really... something ~xD
They really are *raburabu*

Haha.. No problem XD

That sounds epic lol

Oh Renn, Masaki, you dorks. *grins* Seriously adorable, I love it. ^^ <3

Thanks for reading!♥ Glad you liked it :)

It's lovely.
Really really cute, really.♥
(and I'm over using the word "really" really much tonight, but I'm just hyper and has been all day how in the world will I be able to sleep I should be in bed already, really)

...I feel like drawing something from this. :3 Why don't I have any RennSuda/ShoPhi-icon? I needz one like nao

Aww, thanks!♥
(I know how that feels, I hope you can get some sleep tonight! XD)

Would so very much like to see your drawing if you decide to make one *A*

Edited at 2011-07-15 12:45 am (UTC)

lol i knew something like this would happen~
what would they do if they really read the fics and all :))
it happened quite fast ne~
i wish the fic was a little bit longer hehe~ ^^
damn that fonecall XDDD ^^
thanks for the fic~ ^^

write more if u could please, i love to read, but so bad at writing~~

Just wondering in LJ and found this fanfic...

And this fanfic is awesomely adorableeeee >w< I can't stop smiling from the beginning until I finished reading >w<

Love it~ <3

*hugs you* I'm so so happy I actually found a Renn/Sudacchi fanfic in English, especially after finishing reading up on all of the Japanese ones that I could manage to get my hands on (^-^;;; LOL. What can I say? They're so freakin' adorable♥ And you managed to capture them perfectly! Thank you for sharing your magnificent piece of fluff with us!

hello, I read this fic many times,and I still feel like 'butterfly swarmed freely inside my stomach' everytime I do it...waa~
I really,really like this, really like your words..
Thank you for sharing this beautiful fics ,love you <3 :*

love it! :D

I hope you make more renn/suda fics! XD

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